Intensive Analysis / Assessment (S.H.A.P.E.)

S = Situation (Reality Check!)

H = Heart (The passion that drives!)

A = Abilities (what you can do!)

P = Personality (who you are!)

E = Experience (What you know!)

Let’s take a look at yours!

This process inspects your entire Non-Profit, including personalities and behavioral observations. The Non-Profit, in any of its forms, is a unique and complex entity.

Mission, Values & Goals Development

Long drawn out mission statements, rarely are effective and buy-in is not going to happen. Having a clear concise mission statement that supports your values and goals will give you a scoreboard to measure your success by.

Customized Business Plans

It is estimated that 95% of all businesses fail due to lack of planning. Non-Profits are no exception. Banks, grant foundations, corporations, and investors all require a comprehensive business plan, usually to even start a conversation with them.

In addition, a business plan gives you the roadmap you need to stay on course when obstacles happen! (Let me let you in on a little secret, they will!)

Marketing Strategies

With a million ways to market, the field of marketing can be quite over-whelming. Having clear, concise, and persuasive content is critical in today’s market! HDC has the experience to help you navigate those waters and increase the public’s awareness of you.

Comprehensive Resources

Through our knowledge and contacts, HDC has access to virtually any resource a Non-Profit could need. We are constantly building business relationships that will benefit our clients, now and in the future!

Exit Strategies

We will be a lifetime friend, able to assist anytime you need us, However, Our goal is to guide you to becoming self-sufficient as quickly as possible!