Business Card Challenge!

If You Received a Business Card Like This…

There Are Two (2) Intentional Mistakes on The Card, Can You Spot Them?

If You Received an Information Card Like This…

There Are Three (3) Intentional Mistakes in the Top Section of the Information Card. Before You Look at the Answer, Can you Spot Them?

The Answer Is Below! (When You Just Have To Know!)

FINAL HINT: In the Business Card, one intentional mistake is in the actual sentence, “Sometimes a Fresh Set of of Eyes, Can Help You See Things You May Have Missed!” The other is a grammatical mistake that is commonly made, especially in the nonprofit world.

The answers for the Business Card:

  1. There is a duplicate word, “OF” in the sentence.
  2. The word Non-Profit is not supposed to be hyphenated.

The answers for the Information Card: (BTW: The Bottom Section is a tear off card for Your Convenience)

  • There are two times the word Nonprofit was written incorrectly.
  • The Spelling of the word “Acquire” is incorrect.
  • The word ‘Schedule” is misspelled, as well.

Why Did HDC Do This?

Although it is a fun to have people “going crazy” wondering what are the mistakes, especially the double “of” in the sentence. There actually is a method and purpose to HDC including this. As the sentence reads, there are things you may have missed. Case and point, just as several others have missed the duplicate word.

The fact is HDC is able to look at your nonprofit and find Operational, Financial, Legal, and Administrative items you MAY have, and likely have, missed. That is not a flaw on your part, after all we are only human and there is probably a different mistake that we didn’t intend on this interactive card.

Another reason we utilized this technique on the business card and information card was to demonstrate, (and show off a little!), our Marketing department and illustrate our ability to find creative ways to market your nonprofit.

If you honestly think about it, you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Why not make it a priority today to give HDC a call, text, send an E-mail, or just click below and schedule your FREE, Yes! FREE initial consultation with members of our team? You Will Be Glad You Did!

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