Meet The HDC Team

Brent Johnson

CEO and Board President

Brent Johnson has an intensity and passion that is infectious. Brent has an extensive and diverse background in the nonprofit sector. He started “getting involved” with established groups, nonprofits, ministries, associations, and organizations, when he was in K-12 school. As an adult the track-record continued, It is his legacy and a perfect fit for HDC, Inc.!

Mike Johnson

Director of Technology

Jon “Mike” Johnson, (Yes! Brent’s older brother) has an uncanny ability to relate to machines, not just any machines, computers. You know those pieces of equipment that anyone except a 5-year-old gets frustrated with, at least once a day Mike’s analytical mind is a key ingredient to his success as HDC’s “Tech Guy”.
He is innovative in his approach to challenges and seeks, first and foremost, solutions. His motto is “let’s fix the problem, not the blame!” Mike is committed to the ideals, Mission, Vision and Goals of HDC, Inc. and HDC clients!

Jaime Vivanco

Director of Operations and Board Vice-President

Consultant and Trainer in human behavior topics, with experience in work environments in Peru, USA, and Japan. Expertise in areas such as Organizational Culture, Personal Development, Teamwork, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Outdoor activities, among others.

Joao “J.R.” Rodrigues

Director of Finance and Board Treasurer

As a seasoned Food & Beverage professional, J.R. have honed his skills in delivering excellent service, building trust, and maintaining a high level of professionalism with emotional intelligence. HIs extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of day-to-day operations has allowed him to work with multi-cultural staff in some of the country’s most recognizable dining establishments.


Director of Information Services and Board Trustee (1 YR)